iMON Remote Control (SoundGraph)

iMON Manager
Redefine Your Home Theater

iMON  Manager 8.12.1202 Screenshot

iMON Manager translates the remote control signal through IR receiver to keyboard shortcut command or system command.

iMON Manager generate the keyboard shortcut command according to the foreground application during this translation process.


iMON PAD Remote Controller

For example, if the Windows Media Player runs as foreground application, iMON Manager will generate Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut command but if PowerPoint runs as foreground application, it may generate F5 keyboard shortcut command even though you press the same Play button on the remote control.

Like this feature, iMON remote control can control every applications running at Windows.


iMON Remote Controller Receiver

All the translation settings of remote control signal are managed through iMON Manager Setting menu.

iMON features and highlights:
  • Remote control signal indicator
  • Supports various types of infrared hardware
  • Select from various remote controls to control a PC
  • Generates keyboard shortcuts for infrared commands

iMON is licensed as Freeware for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system / platform from bluetooth software without restrictions. iMON 8.12.1202 is available to all software users as a free download (Freeware).


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